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About PandaBox™

PandaBox™ is a software project released under the MIT License which allows you to use the Pandora music service on your desktop.

Please Note: PandaBox™ is a third party application and is not supported or endorsed by Pandora Media, Inc.


PandaBox™ 0.2 Released

PandaBox™ 0.2 has been completely re-written as a Visual C# application. The player now minimizes to the system tray and includes an automated installer.

PandaBox™ Website Launched

The new PandaBox™ website has been launched! The new website allows easy access to project information and uses AJAX technology for those with JavaScript enabled, and degrades gracefully for those who don't!

PandaBox™ 0.1a Released

PandaBox™ 0.1a has been released. It incudes a simple launcher application as well as the latest Pandora player definition source file. As well as a placeholder for the soon to be released update service!

PandaBox™ 0.2

Download Now for Microsoft Windows (283KB)